About Us

The most important thing to know about us is that our motivation is taking care of your image.  Our clients are senior professionals and executives in the City and they realize that the way they look is a key part of what they do, that their clothing must reflect who they are and what they bring to the table.  We can argue all day about the ideals of judging the person beneath the clothing, but this is the real world and the clothes we wear and the image we project says an awful lot about us.  Like it or not, people will make a judgement based on the way you look -  we all know about one chance at a first impression.

Neil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien Tailoring

For us, your suits are not merely practical garments; if your view is that your suits and shirts are simply a uniform, then perhaps we aren’t for you – many others can provide a garment that gives quality, style and elegance a back-seat.  We are different, we believe in what we do and have a passion and enthusiasm for making you look and therefore, feel good.  Follow our advice and you’ll walk into meetings imbued with a confidence and prepared to do business.

Where and when

We have been trading successfully since starting the business in 2003 and between us can call on over 30 years experience in the bespoke clothing business.

Neil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien Tailoring

We are based in Spitalfields, a vibrant and innovative part of the City; an ideal location which allows us to be in close proximity to our clients.  The historical, yet dynamic and creative nature of the area, reflects the way in which we operate our business – a traditional core, combined with an exuberant, imaginative approach.


From the day the company was conceived, it was our aim to build a business based on quality of both products and service.  We wanted to be different to the rest and better than the rest – we believe we have achieved it.  We do not compromise and accordingly our suits, shirts and ties are hand-made by Italian craftsmen, because nowhere else has the same level of skills.  Not for us, or our clients, huge factories in America, Eastern Europe or Asia where suits are made by the push of a button, but instead small boutique workshops manned by artisans.

Neil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien Tailoring

Likewise, we only use the best cloth, from such luminaries as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis, Harrisons and Dormeuil.  We can offer you the best in business and casual suiting, luxurious cashmeres for sports jackets and overcoats, plus linens, silks and cottons for the warm summer months, so that you can build a perfect wardrobe for both business and social occasions.  Remember, we won’t compromise. We want you to perceive our name as a byword for QUALITY.

An Anglo/Italian vision

Our clients want the best and to achieve this, we have given them the best of Britain and the best of Italy.  We are an English company, drawing on all the traditions of quality and service and with knowledge of how an elegant and professional man should look.  This is coupled with beautiful Italian clothing, crafted by hand with all the style and elegance that one expects from Italy.  The net result … our clients get the best.

Neil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien Tailoring