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Our shirts are made by hand in our small workshop in Florence, Italy, where the levels of craftsmanship and expertise produce shirts that perfectly complement the exacting standards of our suits. As you might expect, all our fabric is 100% cotton and comes only from the best English and Italian producers.

Each shirt is cut individually by hand, not multi-layered and cut by machine and your measurements and configuration are carefully followed to produce a bespoke garment that fits the way you want it to. Forget the ‘off-the-peg’ days of a neck size in half inch increments and a correct sleeve length if you are lucky, we will take at least ten measurements as well as considering the configuration of your body. Once the various parts of the shirt have been cut, they are measured again before being sewn together, to ensure they are correct.

Each shirt is sewn with ‘single needle stitching’ and where double stitching can be seen, it means that the shirt has been sewn twice in the same place. Single needle stitching is a sign of quality and elegance and our shirts are sewn with six points to every centimetre.

We can offer a wide range of collar styles and you can decide on the size, height and softness that you require. Similarly, there are various styles of cuff and the end result is that you can have a shirt that meets your personal style and taste, as well as feeling and looking fabulous.