Hand-made bespoke suits

Neil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien Tailoring

Our bespoke suits are traditionally made in our Italian workshop, where an absolute emphasis is placed on hand craftsmanship. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we do not have suits machine-made by factories in far flung corners of the globe. Our suits are testament to the skilled excellence of our tailors.

To begin with, your pattern is chalked onto the cloth and then cut by hand – NOT by machine. It is with the hand cutter that the elegant lines and shape of the garment begins; not just your measurements, but also your configuration is taken into account and the highly skilled cutters create a garment to fit in a way that CAD systems and machine cutting can never achieve. If the cloth is a stripe or a check, the cutter is able to ensure that the pattern matches perfectly in the key places, again something that machine systems can’t fully achieve.

Neil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien Tailoring

The next crucial step in the process is the canvassing of the jacket. The canvas really is the key to the final look, fit and comfort of the garment, it is the internal structure and is hand sewn onto the cloth to form the front of the jacket. It is a natural product, made from horse hair and gives the jacket its soft natural lines and shape. A fully canvassed jacket looks good, moves naturally, will adapt to the contours of your body, allows your body to breath and is very comfortable. It is no coincidence that top quality jackets always have been and still are made this way. Our jackets are NOT fused. Most of our competitors’ jackets are fused, a cheap and rather nasty process, that results in similarly cheap and nasty jackets! See our ‘tips and advice’ section for information on fusing and why you should avoid it.

Neil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien TailoringNeil O'Brien Tailoring

After canvassing, the jacket is then ready to be constructed and this again is done by hand, with particular emphasis on the collar, shoulders and arm-holes of the jacket, as they are the vital areas that truly determine fit and comfort. It’s a lengthy process, but there is no compromise, traditional hand-sewing is the only way that we can achieve the fit and elegance we provide. The linings are then sewn into the jacket by hand, the buttonholes on the front and the cuffs beautifully hand-sewn and the edges of the lapels and the jacket front pic-stitched by hand. Finally the garment goes through the process of being carefully hand pressed and it is then ready to be fitted.

Immediately you put on one of our jackets, the comfort and elegance is evident, the result of meticulous, traditional hand-craftsmanship.